The “Take This Job and Work It” summer internship program is a unique effort that will allow students to gain work experience, develop skills, learn teamwork, and earn extra money for college expenses. The Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce is excited to be involved in this very worthwhile project, and is helping to facilitate the connection between employers and interns. It may also assist in keeping more of our students in the area once they begin looking for career opportunities.

 Rick Fraser, Executive Director of Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce


One of the most important experiences a young person needs is to work. Regardless of the job, the work place teaches the employers to value employees, who are dependable, responsible, honest, enthusiastic, and friendly. Our Take This Job and Work It program is an effort to connect young people in our area to fill temporary positions so they can see and learn from employers who care and want to help our local students. As a former principal and mayor, I greatly appreciate our business community’ involvement to provide opportunities for our young residents. By doing so, the students will get a head start on learning some of the lessons they will need to become successful in the real world.

Carl Persis, Former Ormond Beach Mayor


TTJAWI is one program of Ormond Beach Community Foundation to help college and high school students learn  as they earn to help offset education expenses. This program could help keep local students in the area after graduating as well as attracting others from outside our community. Additionally it could help local companies expand and grow by developing future employees. A plus for all of us.
Ed Kelley
Ormond Beach Mayor and OBCF Vice-President


High school and college students need the experience and businesses are the only ones who can provide the opportunities. I look forward to meeting with the organizers and seeing how we can support it. The local regional workforce development board, said she is fully supportive of the foundation's project. We will be getting calls soon from parents and students about summer jobs and this is one program we can direct them to.

Robin King, President and CEO of CareerSource Flagler Volusia


The site looks awesome. The program is awesome and we look forward to posting and finding candidates on it.

Jennifer DiLascia, Client Service Supervisor.   Spherion Staffing Service


The launching of Take This Job and Work it program is something that has long been needed in our community.  Many of us have raised our children here in Volusia County only to see them accept a position elsewhere in an area that can offer more opportunity. I support this program for our high school and college students to be able to develop essential skills that are learned best by putting them into action in the workplace. Volusia County offers very diverse businesses and what better way to educate our students about what we are creating in our own community and expose them to these opportunities. As we develop our next generation of employees and leaders, it is vital that we expose them, as students, to a variety of job opportunities and careers. In turn, this program benefits the local employers by bringing in employees with young, fresh ideas to their Company as well as assisting in the launching of a positive career path of our high school and college students. I urge Employers to register to participate in this program and post job and paid internship programs promptly so our students will have many opportunities to learn, earn, and grow!

Diane Larsen, Vice President Sales & Leasing at Selby realty, Inc.


This tool has been a great need for a long time. The ability to match resources in our area to job availability is critical to perpetuating the success and growth of our local businesses and our community. When our young people are given the right tools they feel confident, strong, and motivated to contribute to our society. Seabreeze High School is very pleased to partner with the intern program and market it to our students and teachers. Thank you very much Dwight Selby and the Ormond Beach Community Foundation for spearheading such a vital opportunity for our area.

 Jen Campanella, Seabreeze High School


I had read an article a couple years ago how hard it was for high school students to find summer jobs. That struck a chord with me,  All the money I used to pay for college came from summer jobs. They were vital, critical to me. Every dollar a student makes in a summer job is a dollar less that a parent has to spend or for the student to incur more debt.
Dwight Selby, the owner/broker of Ormond Beach commercial real estate brokerage Selby Realty


Take This Job and Work It is a wonderful tool for students and employers. They will have access to many summer job/intern opportunities through this amazing website. It will also allow students research options and promote the importance of career education for all students. This program will definitely be an asset for our students and community.

Davita Bonner, M.S. Director, Career Development Bethune-Cookman University







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